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The Main Event - Saturday 27th July 2019 4:30pm - 10:30pm

Our first spotlight for the Main Event on Sat 27 July!

Film 1/20 @ 5:11pm : "We See The World Differently" by Rebeka Luzaityte & Reka Keresztes

An insightful and well-made documentary looking at autism in Uganda.

Rebeka and Reka are two filmmakers based in Glasgow, UK, who met at university. This is their first short film, which they made after working in corporate videography.

What did our judges have to say?

"I liked this film a lot. Highlighting Autism here is good but especially in Uganda is vital and this film highlights that plight well. The lighting and sound was good and the people were clear and informative. This documentary was directed and edited well and all the children did very well on camera and were a delight to watch."

"A vital film."

"Beautiful work. The insight into Autism from all angles really makes this documentary stand out. A great insight into the work done not just in Scotland but globally."

"This is a heartwarming film with some incredible subjects on screen revealing very intimate details of their lives. An audience could not help but be invested in this film as there are almost too many good stories and too many subjects for us to keep track of."

More info on Michaela Foster Marsh's great charity Starchild and autism here:

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Film 2/20 @ 5:34pm : "Bouba & Kiki" by Jack Goessens

Bouba is a young librarian suffering from a strange form of synaesthesia, where he associates the sound of voices with flavours. He is lured out of his self-appointed recluse when he meets a young jazz singer whose voice doesn't seem to have any flavour at all.

"An imaginative joy for numerous senses, this film's originality and charm are supported by strong technical aspects as well. The cinematography is consistent and polished, the sound design is rich and clear and the editing supports an engrossing pace that does not overstay its welcome. The characters of the film continue on after the end credits have already finished."

"Quirky and interesting look at a condition that doesn't get talked about often. Liked how it conveyed the inner feelings of the lead character. The music went really well with the drama. But overall an endearing watch that also has worthwhile things to say about people going through things that aren't immediately apparent to most."

"This is an unusual subject as synaesthesia isn't spoken about very often so this film has highlighted it. The make-up was well done and the music went well with the character's inner turmoil and added emotion to the scenes. The acting was natural and story was good."

"Food for thought. No pun intended."