The Scottish Short Film Festival

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Line Up

The 2018 Scottish Short Film Festival Line Up Trailer

Below we will gradually build up an exciting picture of the full official line up for the one night only 2018 Scottish Short Film Festival.

Next to each film image is some information about timings, director etc, followed by an overview, and lastly some comments from our judges.

5:30 for 6pm, Sat 21st July 2018 at the CCA, Glasgow. Join us!

6:09pm : #5 Escape, a short film directed by Mark Wilson.

In the year 2048, a tormented escaped convict is on a frantic search for an object from his past whilst trying to avoid being recaptured by a menacing prison guard with a supernatural presence.

"Tremendously evocative, semi-futuristic story that packs a lot of punch. Impressive lead performance by Roger Best who says a lot without a single line of dialogue. Gorgeous cinematography that blurs the line between sci-fi and grounded reality. Hugely impressive stuff."

6:15pm : #6 'Carved', a short film written & directed by Daniel Caradec.

Once upon a time, Nick and Cathy carved their initials on a tree. Three years later, Nick and Cathy break up... and something in the tree snaps.

"Such a neat concept for a film! Everyone knows the idea of carving loved-up names into a tree but twisting that into a horror-comedy narrative was really fun and, thanks to the good performances, solid script and professional visual style, made it a worthwhile watch."

6:27pm : #7 We Are Here, a documentary directed by Ciaran Pasi.

Two friends reflect on their twenty year friendship after an accident leaves one of them with a life changing brain injury.

"Welcomes you in with a really nice, playful camaraderie between two people who have clearly been friends for most of their lives. Takes a tough topic - it's hard to hear about what Steve went through - and explores it with a glass half full of optimism about the future."

6:40 pm : #8 A Calm Sea Sways, a short film written & directed by Ross Donald.

When they were kids, Claire and her sister Abby are playing on a beach when tragedy strikes, and Abby mysteriously disappears. Years have passed and Claire, dealing with survivors guilt, hasn’t found it in herself to move on. Bad relationships with her mother and now ex-boyfriend have put Claire in a vulnerable place and on the anniversary of Abby’s disappearance, Claire is forced to find out what really happened to her sister.

"Haunting and melancholic look at grief and regret. Performance by Michelle Donnelly really draws you in, the cinematography has a lovely soft, gentle look to it and sound really conjures a melancholic atmosphere. Beautifully shot."

6:54 pm : #9 A Thin Place, a documentary by James Harris

A journey following in my mother's footsteps, to rediscover my relationship with her after her passing. My mother visited the Isles of Mull and Iona many times, and found something in the wild landscapes there that lived within her, long after she had returned home from her trips.

"A thoughtful and concise meditation on people and their connections to places."

"Visually impressive, beautifully melancholic film with a real sense of longing and contemplation about it. Impressive use of location and matching of imagery to the narration. Really felt like you were inside the head of the narrator and a sense of catharsis for his late mother.

7pm : #10 Playback, a short film written & directed by Ruaraidh Urpeth.

While unpacking her belongings, Jackie stumbles across a variety of 8mm film equipment. The 8mm film reels reveal questions best left undisturbed.

"A horror thriller that feels like it's building to a massive revelation. Had me hooked."

"Really good example of how concept and aesthetic style can be married perfectly. Director Ruaraidh Urpeth impressively makes it feel ghostly and otherworldly but also weirdly grounded. As rewarding visually as it is thematically."

7:10pm : #11 'Drone', a short film written & directed by Robert Duncan.

The relationship between two flatmates takes a sinister turn when one of them becomes obsessed with a mysterious droning sound.

"Very enjoyable, dark and slightly twisted (in a good way!) concept executed really well. I think we can all relate to the idea of being annoyed by a noise and the short just runs with that idea in a really fun direction, capped off with a belter of a punchline."

8:31pm : #16 Farewells, a short film written & directed by Janine Koppe.

A death in the family forces a mother and her teenage daughter to face their estranged relatives. Old tensions resurface and a darker purpose for the gathering is revealed.

"Dark drama that's uncomfortable to watch; you're never sure how you're supposed to feel and that's a good thing. Believable performances that make the characters feel like a real family."

"One of the few films (maybe only one in this festival) to pass the Bechdel test. Well rounded characters, great story. Liked the camera work - used a lot in films about families - but works well. Believed these actors were a family."

"Hilarious. 10/10"

8:46pm : #17 Madder Isle, an animation by Laura Spark.

In a poisoned sea, on a forsaken rock, a holy sect seek to bring about a new era, but Morgan discovers their intentions are not wholly pure, and there's more to the Island than rocks and mud…

"Distinctive visual style unlike anything in the other shorts. Great use of music to compliment the surreal visuals and story. 9/10"

9:16pm : #20 Close To The Bone, a short film written & directed by Kevin Pickering.

Ben’s complex eating disorder is damaging his relationship with his girlfriend, he must confront its dark origins to save their relationship, and move his life forward.

"Very distinctively directed with an impressive raw and uneasy intensity. Great use of sound and camera angles that, for me, evoked the work of David Lynch. Kind of hard to take your eyes off this one for its entirety."

"This is a masterfully made short film, each element executed to a professional standard and showed an intricate understanding of cinematic language."

"Another Kevin Pickering hardball smashed right out the park!"