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We at the Scottish Short Film Festival are committed to great films.

We believe a film should be judged on its individual merit, not on that film-maker's personal characteristics.

That said, we encourage and welcome short films from creatives from all walks of life, from different nationalities and cultures, from writers, directors and producers of any gender, race or sexual orientation, exploring any themes they like that are important to them, and we will judge them as fairly and squarely as possible, favouring no-one.

We will strive to keep our judging panel as wide and diverse as possible to reduce the chance that any group is under represented for any reason.

We would like to see more films written, directed or produced by women, people of ethnic, racial or religious minority, people who might describe themselves as LGBT, or those who for whatever reason feel they are being under represented in this industry.

We also welcome and encourage filmmakers on stage to meet their audience in order to share understanding of their films and receive feedback.

We just ask three things; that your film is breathtaking (from the heart, original, skilfully crafted, will move the audience etc.), that it has some relation to Scotland (story, actors, setting, music), and that it was completed between the 1st January 2018 and the 30th April 2019.

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