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Committee Meeting Oct 2nd 2017

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A meeting of the committee was held on 2nd October where much was discussed, including lots of interesting and exciting developments regarding the future of the festival. However, what was also agreed upon was that we shouldn't give too much away too soon. In other words I've basically been gagged due to my overenthusiasm and tendency to shoot my mouth off all over social media. In fact I'm not really allowed to say that we have stuff to say. So unfortunately this news post is not very helpful. Sorry about that. Anyway, rest assured that although there may be times when there's not much to say, we're doing our bit to make this event the best it can be, both for new and established filmmakers, writers, actors, musicians, editors and all those behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera - as well as - audience members. We want people to leave the comfort zones of their Saturday night sofa surfing and join us on a journey of make believe, self realisation and social coming together of like-minded people who enjoy nothing more than to challenge the status quo and see what happens.

Great films, great prizes, a great night. 

"Past Winners" Page added

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To keep a note of all the past winners of previous film festivals, we've added this page and will continue updating and improving it as time goes on.

Information about previous prize winners at the Raptors can also be found on Wikipedia and IMDb, thanks to the unrivalled administrative prowess of Glasgow film maker and editor Chris Quick.

If filmmakers would like their Wikipedia or IMDb accounts linked with their Raptor and future SSFF wins please let us know and we'll do our best to connect them up.

Think of it as a kind of Scottish film-making virtual Hall of Fame.


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The Scottish Short Film Festival (formerly the Raptor Filmz Short Scottish Film Festival) is proud to promote and encourage film making in and about Scotland, give credit where it's due and to encourage young and upcoming talent in the field. Each entry must be 20 minutes or less and have some relation to Scotland - be it Scottish actors, Scottish story, Scottish director, Scottish music etc. But you don't have to be Scottish to enter. While most of our entries do come from Scottish fiml-makers we've also had some great films from Switzerland, America and England that have happened to have a Scottish element, be it a bottle of Scotch as a prop to an extra who'd once been to Carlisle.

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