The Scottish Short Film Festival

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The Line Up For The Main Event

From 5pm Sat 27th July 2019 At The Art School, Glasgow.

The Shadowland Trailer - Simon Kay

We See The World Differently - Rebeka Luzaityte & Reka Kersztes
Bouba & Kiki - Jack Goessens
Crackpot - Kris J. Cummins
Antonio's Tale - Jacob Topen
Hearts - Nas Saraei
A Gude Cause Maks A Strong Erm - Martin Laird
Remember Me - Katie Low
A Little Revival - Patrick Rooney
Free Flow - Paul Diffley

Revenant Relocation Officers - Robert Duncan
Emma - Kevin Spink
Lost Brothers - Alex Cormack
Spaceship - Conor McMahon
Regrets - AJ Sykes
Carmen - Charlotte Daniel
Where Eagles Dare - Tom Campbell
Mess - Graham Robertson
Turning Tide - Andrew Muir
Overkill - Ross Donald
Waders' Lullaby - Fiona McAndrew

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The Scottish Short Film Festival (formerly the Raptor Filmz Short Scottish Film Festival) is to promote and encourage film making in and about Scotland, give credit where it's due and to encourage young and upcoming talent in the field. Each entry must be 20 minutes or less and have some relation to Scotland - be it Scottish actors, Scottish story, Scottish director, Scottish music etc., and be completed between 1st January 2018 and 30th April 2019.


The first festival, aided by such Scottish screen legends as Rony Bridges and David Anderson, took place at the Grosvenor Cinema, Ashton Lane, Glasgow on 5th December 2012. The top prize for the best film voted on by the audience, was £1000 and won by the makers of "Mugging For Amateurs". The calibre of the films was described by Dave Anderson as "Very high."

In January 2014 we brought the film festival to West Lothian to the Howden Park Centre, Livingston, and then we were hosted by the wonderful Bathgate Regal art deco theatre, where we stayed for the next three years. But in 2018 we've decided to bring it back to the city of Glasgow to make it more accessible to a wider audience, venue to be arranged.

Submission Guidelines

Your film should be between 1 second and 20 minutes long and have some relationship to Scotland, be it location, music, cast or theme.

It must be completed between 1st January 2018 and 30th April 2019.

Oh yeah, and it has to be awesome, from the heart, well crafted, original, poignant, exciting, mind blowing, hilarious, shocking or all of the above.

Submit via Film Freeway

Rising Star Award sponsored by Acting Coach Scotland

We are very happy to be working with Glasgow's Acting Coach Scotland to bring you the Acting Coach Scotland Rising Star Award every year to welcome and recognise new talent to the Scottish Film Industry!

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Recent News

The Thomas Haywood Scottish Landscape Award

The Scottish Short Film Festival is growing!

Huge film production companies come to Scotland every year from overseas to make use of this country's natural beauty which we are very fortunate to have on our doorstep and often take for granted...

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The 2018 Winners!

Held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Sat July 21st 2018

Judges' 1st Prize - Lethe - Eric Romero

Judges' 2nd Prize - To The Sea - Mark Westbrook

Audience Choice Award - Drone - Robert Duncan 

Golden Raptor Award - Carved - Daniel Caradec

Best Director - Kevin Pickering - Close To The Bone

Best Cinematography - Kevin Pickering - Close To The Bone

Best Sound/Music - Kevin Pickering - Close To The Bone

Best Editing - Kevin Pickering - Close To The Bone

Best Lead Actor - David Scott - Close To The Bone

Most Creative/Original - Life Of A Ten Pound Note - Charlie Parker

Best Script - Janine Koppe - Farewells

Best Lead Actress - Kirsty Findlay - Lethe

Best Costume/Make up - EscapeMark Wilson

Best Documentary - Teeth - Thomas Hogben

Rising Star Award - Gregor Selkirk - To The Sea

Golden Bawhair - Tamsin Amantea-Collins - The She Wolves Of Wall Street

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